Monday, September 24, 2012

"I got hit by a baseball"- Kink and Doctors

Recently I went to my annual physical, and for hours before my appointment I was scheming. I was scheming about what to say to my doctor about a particular scar on my chest.
Many people have scars on them for all sorts of reasons. I have a scar on my nose from when I fell down a flight of concrete steps when I was three. I also have chicken pox scars. But this scar is different; This scar came from an extremely enjoyable scene that my partner and I engaged in approximately six months prior to my appointment, a scene that involved a blade and blood play.

I worried about what to tell my doctor because I know my scar looks self inflicted. Technically it is; it was also consensual and safe. I know that everything I tell my doctor is confidential, and that I should not lie to my doctor. However, blood play is not for the faint of heart; Is there really a need to share specifics with my doctor?

After discussions with many people, I made the decision to not bring it up. If she asked about it, my answer was going to be vague. I decided that there was nothing to worry about in regards to the scar. I was safe about it; the blade was clean, I kept my wound clean. And I don't have a blood condition.

My doctor did find the scar. It wasn't hard to miss--on my left breast--and physicals do have breast exams. She asked where the scar came from and I responded that it was from a cut. She didn't press for any more information, and the physical went on.

I made sure that I wasn't concerned about the cut, and so the doctor wasn't either. I learned that when you present information to people, they will often accept it as you portray it. So as soon as I decided how much I would tell her, I worked on making sure I could tell her confidently.

However you decide to approach kink with your doctor is your choice. I have a kink that many people freak out about, blood play. It is why I decided to not talk to my doctor about it. My decision was based solely on what my kink is. I was and am safe about my kink. But however you decide my advice is to be confident about it.

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