Monday, January 28, 2013

Geek and Kink

I'm going to assume that most of you know about Geeky Kink Event held down in New Jersey the first weekend of November, or the new event Geeky Kink Event New England being held for the first time August 16th-18th. As the names of these events suggest there is a large overlap between geek and kink communities. I know I am and most of the people I associate with are. "Look at my new rope. Its in Hufflepuff colors" (yeah I'm a Hufflepuff supporter) is not unusual to hear in my community of friends. 
Give me a bunch of technobabble and I'm ready to go. I'm a geek's wet dream. I am as likely to go lingerie shopping with my boyfriend as I am to go shopping for gaming supplies with him. My idea of a good time is helping my boyfriend run a RPG and he helps me design a bondage set up for my bed. We enjoy both geek and kink and when we can combine it even better.

So, last week I got a new set of dice for my D&D campaign. I was very excited about them, but I didn't get to use them right away. The game session got canceled and I would have to wait a whole two weeks before being able to use them; sadly. I mentioned this to my boyfriend. He is also a geek and has been one for far longer than me. Geeky boyfriend to the rescue! He made up a rolling table for us to use. All with kink/ sex activities. So now I could use my dice any time! 

Here is ours

RollItemPeriod of useLocationIntensity
01-06Flogger, Roped20 strokesd8*d%
07-12RopeN/Ad% coverd%
13-18Vibed8 minutesd4 1,3-2,4 d%
19-24Violetd4 slicesd6**d%
25-30Spatulad12 strokesd8*d%
31-36Bulletd10 minutesd4***d%
37-42Handd20 strokesd12****d%
43-48Rubd6 minutesd% coverd%
49-54Flogger, Rubberd20 strokesd8*d%
55-62Intercoursed10 minutesN/AN/A
63-68Manual, gived6 minutesN/AN/A
69-74Oral, gived6 minutesN/AN/A
75-80Manual, received6 minutesN/AN/A
81-86Oral, received6 minutesN/AN/A
87-92Rided10 minutesN/AN/A
93-98Ridend10 minutesN/AN/A
99-00Anald6 minutes N/AN/A

*- 1=shoulders, 2=chest, 3=lower back, 4=abdomen, 5=back of thighs, 6=thighs, 7=entire back, 8=entire front
**- 1=left arm, 2=right arm, 3=left leg, 4=right leg, 5=back, 6=front
***- 1=clit, 2=pussy, 3=chest, 4=full body
****- 1= Palm Right Ass, 2=Palm Left Ass, 3=Palm Right Breast, 4= Palm Left Breast, 5= Palm Face, 6= Palm Pussy, 7= Backhand Right Ass, 8= Backhand Left Ass, 9= Backhand Right Breast, 10= Backhand Left Breast, 11=Backhand Face, 12= Backhand Pussy 

Most of those items are self explanatory. The one that isn’t is Violet. Violet is my blade. This is a chart that was made for me and my tastes but it would be very easy to switch out activities for your preferences. 

A couple things to note if you want to change the table around. The percentage for intercourse is higher than the rest, while the percentage for anal is the lowest. So, along with the activities you can also fiddle with the percentages. That way your favorites have a higher chance of coming up.
I had a good time with it. For both the geek part of it (I really like rolling dice) and for the kink. Not knowing what you were going to get is part of the fun for me. And when I was really enjoying one activity we would continue or I would ask for more. The game is for however long you want. So you could have hours of fun or use it as a little bit of foreplay. The choice is up to you.  

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