Sunday, March 18, 2012

Intro's and Breaking News

Intro’s & Breaking News:

Snarksy here! Some of you may know me through other names, but I am glad to now be gracing the Agreeable Agony blog with a monthly (or more) dose of McSnarkerson charm.  Hopefully I don’t bore you to tears.....unless you are into that, :P.

In past lives, I have written and blogged a decent amount, both for a few research projects (which are currently still “in the lab” but will likely be shared here in due time) on BDSM & social justice issues, as well as with my grown-up-person name for some more mainstream NGO’s.

My interests are myriad, but I specifically am passionate about repro-justice, education, sex-education and progressive activism, and this will likely be reflected in my blog posts.  

I love making spreadsheets, black-tea and teensy modicums of social change.  Below I’ve re-purposed an older blog (also online at
), for your reading pleasure.  Feel free to comment, and I shall be back around in the near future!


Breaking News: Women Can Be Independent and Intimate

(Things you never knew until you googled “polyamory.”)

Since the beginning of October I have been working as a super-part-time research assistant, helping a professor track down some sources on polyamory from blogs and news articles online.  Rarely am I paid for something quite so entertaining.  Most articles are written by poly-folks or friends and cover relatively mundane issues (child-raising, meeting the family, etc.) We won’t talk about those.  Rather, today I want to present you with some pure gold.  If you already knew that women can be independent and intimate, never fear.  Here is some more internet magic*.

  • “Why Homosexual Behavior Is More like Consensual Incest and Polyamory than Race or Gender” - Part 1
  • One writer’s thoughts on Rick Perry and Mormons: He thinks they are polyamorous space-cadets (!?)
  • “Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement, has sent an open letter to Tiger Woods urging him to”.... divorce and enjoy polyamory.

Of course, no discussion of all these crazy liberal sex whores would be complete without a healthy dose of “wtf, gay people.” Courtesy of ABP (sadly, not the over-priced pastry shop, but rather the Associated Baptist Press) I learned that the real issue with those queer kids was that they wanted to destroy marriage. Which marriages, you ask?  (No, what...why would you ask that?) “...any kind of marriage,” the not-pastry (dammit, I love pastries) “press” tells us. “They want to define marriage out of existence.”  Wow! Who knew news could get so newsy?

Even some of the poly-folk have jumped on board the crazy train.  One women repeatedly implored us to recognize that she was not a slut with a revolving door of partners.  Because clearly the best way to promote consensual non-monogamy is to bitterly separate yourself from non-monogamists.  Others want to make sure we know that polyamory is never about sex, only about a poly-fidelitous (wiktionary says this is a word, so back off!) smug sense of superiority over the entire world.  And who knew swingers could be such sell-outs? (Damn suburbanites and their over-developed sense of entitlement to privacy and discretion!)

Overall my take-away here is that 85% of the internet has no frackin’ clue what polyamory is, but somehow has concluded they are superior and since the other 15% are so boring and normal everyone will skip them to learn about Rael the Raelian leader.  (That article was apparently half-written by a computer, so even the AI are up in our shiz now.)  In the mean time, I am left alone with my internet at night to resent those slutty poly-jerks whose underpants are filled with sex.  No fair! How come they get to get laid and cause a precipitous decline towards incest and beastiality?

*(I am not linking these because I do no want to promote traffic to their insanity, however, if you’d like to know more leave a comment and I will get the info out. However, just throwing “polyamory” into google blogs or news search will introduce you to an untold array of wonders.)

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