Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Photos, and Customer Action Shots!

Hey guys, wanted to poke our collective head out of our collective burrow to point out some of the shiny new photos we've got up on our homepage. Both are pretty shots of our products being used (rather enthusiastically) by some of our customers. We've done a bit of creative editing, since they're on our front page, but what we'd really like are action shots of our products for their respective pages.

Rather than fussing with countless stock photos, or continuing to pretend we know photoshop,  we're hoping to pull our community together to help show our products in their natural environment. If you have purchased any of our awesome toys, and want to help us out, send us your photos using our products, and if we like them, we'll post them on the pages showing off that product.

Any photos can be sent to, please include how, if at all, you would like to be credited. Also, we cannot post any pictures that are pornograpic. Agreeable Agony reserves the right to edit any photos sent to us before posting them to our homepage.

Looking forward to hearing about how everyone likes to use our toys.
Also, we added a cute little squid.

~The Agreeable Minions

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